Patrick Duffy

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Patrick Duffy is one of the most beloved and respected television stars of his time. 

Born in Montana and raised in Seattle, Patrick thrived as an athlete in High School, however he also fell in love with Drama. After High School, Patrick was one of only 12 people out of 1,200 to be accepted to the training program at the University of Washington. It was there that he met his now wife of 41 years, Carlyn. Together the Duffy’s had two children, Padriac and Connor. After college Patrick worked to support his family as a carpenter in the day, and then performed on stage in “Off Broadway” plays at night.

Patrick’s first big break came in 1976 when he landed the lead roll in the NB television hit series, “Man From Atlantis”.  Then in 1978 Patrick’s life would change forever. He was cast as Bobby Ewing in “Dallas”, which would eventually become one of the most iconic shows in television history. Dallas was nominated for numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards, over 30 million people viewed its final episode. During the 13 year run acting on Dallas, Patrick directed 29 of the show’s episodes.

Shortly after Dallas ended Patrick starred in the ABC primetime hit, “Step By Step” along side Suzanne Somers. The show ran for eight seasons. Once again, Patrick went behind the camera to direct 41 episodes of that series as well.

In, 2012 the TBS network and Warner Brothers Television launched a new and revised version of the iconic Dallas series. The “new” Dallas premiered in the Fall of 2012, and ran till 2014.


In 2014 Patrick was asked by NBC to co-star in the recurring role of Greg Poehler’s father in their new comedy hit, “Welcome To Sweden”.


Recently, Patrick was invited to Beijing, China by the Beijing Television Network to appear on their Chinese New Year special.  Patrick was the only American celebrity asked to attend. Much to his surprise, he found out that the first American TV series ever to be broadcast in China was, “Man From Atlantis”.


Out of a career spanning four decades there has only been two weeks where Patrick has been unemployed.


Patrick lives in Oregon, on his working ranch with his wife Carlyn. Currently they have four grandchildren.